Mariadb on HA OS

Hi, could anyone tell me how to configure mariadb in HA OS? Im using a pi4 with latest HA OS, Ive installed mariadb add-on and it runs, but I want to move the data base to an external SSD, I cant see how to do that. DO you have to do it from the CLI or what?


See HASS.IO -> transfer from SD card to SSD or USB - #261 by Blueman2
That will move all to SSD not only the maria DB. It is better anyway to run on SSD.

Hi andy73 , thanks for your reply. I’m currently using a pi4 virtual python env, boot from sd, ssd as mariadb area. Is there any way I can just transfer the ssd to the new pi4 and just tell mariadb where to look? and maybe keep the boot from sd?

Thanks, Mick

Sorry Mick, I do not know. If you have pi4 and you can boot from SSD get rid of the micro SD stuff…