MariaDB Update

I’ve been running Home Assistant for four years. It has been stable for a long time. It is running the latest April 2024 version. MariaDB has been the backend database the entire time.

I just installed the latest MariaDB update. Now, I am unable to connect to Home Assistant. I’m worried that everything is lost. Four years of work. Over a hundred devices. Automations… Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot?

PS: I have an offsite full backup from March 11. If there is now way to solve the MariaDB problem on the current instance - my first preference - where can I get instructions for bringing up a new instance from the backup.

How is the setup?
HAos, docker, external?

HAos. Running on a Hyper-V VM.

Did you read the changelog before updating?


Note: Restart the add-on before upgrade if the current version is lower than 2.7.0! This is to ensure a clean stop right before the update (see also MariaDB is not starting after update to 2.7.0 · Issue #3566 · home-assistant/addons · GitHub).

  • Increase MariaDB add-on shutdown timeout to 300s

And no, all is not lost. You have the backup. Worst case you lose a bit of history.

Turns out that MariaDB is not the problem. HA is running. It is accessible through my phone app - using Nabu Kasa cloud connection.

Need to figure out why, all of sudden, accessing from my LAN gives the message .

I missed that. But I was already on 2.7.0 (I think).

Do you have console access to the VM or SSH access (add-ons may still be running).

yes. I have console access.

Oh, never mind I just saw that you have access via nc.

Try opening HA in a private browsing window.

So. I’ll need to dig up the instructions I found online for self-signed certificate and SSL. Something reset there.

I normally use Firefox and have been connecting using https. Neither it nor http is working with Firefox.

However, when I use Edge (presumably Chrome too), https redirects to http. I can successfully connect.

To be more precise. It is not redirecting. I am connecting via https. But Edge says that the certificate is not valid. Still lets me connect.

Firefox just resets the connection. Doesn’t let me connect.

It will take some digging, but I’ll figure it out. Need a valid certificate.

Even in a private browsing tab?

Yes. Even in Private Browsing Mode.

However, I cleared cookies and site data from Firefox’s cache. Everything works fine now.