Mark as Failed? Zwave JS UI

How do I mark a device as failed? Zwave JS perpetually tries to finish including the device without end.

Did you try to remove the device ?

I don’t see an option to manually remove a device in the current Zwave JS UI.

In the device info there is an option “Remove failed”. Try that

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Select the node. Select advanced. There’s a failed node option

Another option

Settings - Devices & Services - ZWave -
Click on Configure and then Remove Device

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Failed nodes - plural

The failed nodes option only works if the system has marked the node as failed. My device failed days ago, and the system is still trying to communicate. Also, what happened to the Replace Failed Node option? Did I hallucinate that option, or was it removed?

What “Remove Failed Nodes” does is look through all the odes and remove the ones the system has decided have failed. A terrible design. The user should mark failed nodes. Removal should be on a single node basis.

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That removes the controller

Tries a force remove.

not true

BTW if the Remove or Failed Node/Device does not work initially, then physically disconnect the device from power, and then remove will work.

Choosing the remove failed device option from the integration just hands. Power cycling the USB controllers changes nothing

“…Power cycling the USB controllers changes nothing…”
I referred to the Zwave device, not the controller.

The device no longer exists