Markdown alternative for custom header vertical marquee

Is there a way to show multiple info on one line in markdown?
I had this:

header_text: >-
    <style> #flip {height:24px;overflow:hidden;} #flip > div > div
    {height:24px;margin-bottom:24px;display:inline-block;} #flip div:first-child
    {animation: show 10s linear infinite;} @keyframes show { 0%
    {margin-top:-144px;} 5% {margin-top:-96px;} 33% {margin-top:-96px;} 38%
    {margin-top:-48px;} 66% {margin-top:-48px;} 76% {margin-top:0px;} 100%
    {margin-top:0px;}} #flipper p {position:fixed;} </style> <div
    id=flipper><div id=flip><div><div>
    Huidige buitentemperatuur: {{states('sensor.temperature')}}°C</div></div><div><div>

But now CH is gone, so i need an alternative, best probably is a markdown card (mod?)

I’m no expert in this

Anyone? I’m the only one who wants this?