Markdown card doesn't remove {{ }} when using template

Hi all!.

I have a problem trying to use a markdown card with the following code, where store the word “Test”:

type: markdown
content: |
  {{ states('') }}  
title: EVENTS

The problem is that on screen the card shows “{{ Test }}” instead of “Test”.
I’m still learning and have looked at a lot of examples, but I can’t see why {{ }} is displayed.

Please can someone help me?


Strange, I’ve just copied that into one of my cards and created an input_text and it works fine

Have you tried it with a different entity, eg a light ?

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Good point.
OP, check if doesn’t actually contains brackets, in the developer tools.

I have found what was the problem. I didn’t notice there was a scripts that overwrite the content of the input_text entity and put the {{ }} in the string.

Thanks for your help. I am having a hard time learning how Home Assistant works.