Markdown card doesn't work

I can’t get the markdown card to work at all. Is there some basic setting that I’m missing?
Even the simple example card:
type: markdown
content: |
Hello, {{user}}
shows just that: Hello {{user}}
Help, please?

At least one of you smart people must know the answer?

Please try formatting your code properly and it may be easier to figure out it it is correct… number 11 here if you aren’t sure how: How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

The {{ user }} is a template variable that belongs to the entity-filter card
If you want to see the user all the time, set up a dummy sensor for the entity-filter.

This is the only way I could get {{ user }} to display.

  - type: entity-filter
      - sensor.water_tank_status
      - 'Clear'
      type: markdown
      content: |
        ## {{ user }}

The {{user}} was just a simple example that shows that it’s not working. It doesn’t work when I paste your yaml directly into my card either (using one of my sensors, of course).
But what I’ve learned from your answer, @cyn, is that markdown in itself works. Bold, italics, headings, images etc are fine. But it is the curly braces stuff that doesn’t work, meaning no Home Assistant stuff is available.

Maybe @thomasloven knows more? Any prerequisites that I don’t have?

Hard to debug when you don’t post your code and log.

Here’s the card contents, almost straight from the lovelace example.
The formatting (bold/italic) is shown, but the user is not.
Where can I find the log? There’s nothing about this in the home-assistant.log that I can find.

content: |
  **Bold:{{user}}** *Italic*
type: markdown

Solved! When I removed the “old” markdown-mod card, markdown works just fine!
Thanks for all the help!

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good news indeed