Markdown Card - JSON List


I have searched on this, but the answer may be so simple, I’m not getting a good answer.

I have an entity the provides a json list. From what I can tell (using nodered to debug), it is just a string of values:

“Value1”, “Value2”

That isn’t ‘named’ at all.

I am trying to display this list in a markdown card, but the closest I can get is that it shows on character per line, instead of Value1.

Here is my current markup:

type: markdown
content: >-

{% for state in states("sensor.wkst01_loggedusers") %}
      - {{ state }}
    {% endfor %}

The item ‘state’ is what I think I am stuck on, I have tried ‘item’, ‘users’, ‘loggedusers’, with no difference.

Any suggestions would be great.

Oh, this is an entity from the HASS.Agent plugin for windows to integrate HA with Windows.