Marthoc Deconz addon can't connect lights

Ok, I’ll try Docker once again, maybe beta version would help.
But anyway situation is frustrating, because “stage 1, without Docker = everything works”, “stage 2, with Docker = nothing works”, “stage 3, fallback to stage 1 = nothing works, wtf?!” :slight_smile:

I hear you. Indeed it must be.

Well, nothing changed. I used fresh raspbian image + Docker, enabled uart, disabled bluetooth, updated firmware to 26210500 (via marthoc script), situation is the same: I am able to scan lights, reset them, but none of them (or any other ZigBee device) connects to Raspbee.

So the only thing changing for you between it working and not working is whether or not you’re running deconz in docker?

At this moment, I can’t get working Raspbee anyhow. It doesn’t work with Docker and it doesn’t work without Docker. So, Docker is not the reason why it’s not working, but all troubles have started after I tried to run it inside Docker.

You added the newline to the config when disabled BT right?

Yes. What is most important, now I use official deCONZ RPi image, where everything (disable bt, enabled uart, etc) is pre-configured already. And official image was working when I first time tried it. But now it’s not working with exactly same setup. The only thing that might have been changed is firmware version, thats why I asked about yours version. Could you please take a look at Phoscon web app -> Gateway and tell me exact version of firmware and version? Because ‘latest’ is very relative, as I already said.

I’m using 2.05.30 with 261f0500

Thanks. I tried same. Wrote to deCONZ support, because seems like it’s hardware problem.

Sounds like the corrI’ve only known of one other guy so far that has had this kind of trouble with his device, although it was a conbee. In his case he sold it. Don’t know if the buyer got it working or not.

I’ll take a look at Elelabs shield/stick, it works directly with Home Assistant, without intermediate server/software like deCONZ. But I hope deCONZ support will clarify situation with Raspbee, because I really liked that thing, while it was working)

Good that you have a backup. Yeah, at the moment deconz has the best overall support for zigbee devices.

I had almost the same problem, my xiaomi sensors wouldn’t connect to my conbee stick. I managed to make it work by accessing the deconz GUI on another raspberry with raspbian and from there I saw that my devices were already connected but not working. After I removed them from the GUI I was finally able to pair them form the phoscon webapp on the same raspberry and then exporting the config to my nuc running the deconz hassio addon. Since then I never had another problem, I hope it helps.

Thanks, but it’s not my case. I removed everything, reseted deCONZ gateway, i.e everything was from scratch, without previous settings or databases. And from webGUI (not Phoscon, but old one, where you can reset lights via touchlink) I see that after reset lights get network ID different from deCONZ’s one.

Something went wrong with my post above so here it is again;

To get my Raspbee working I also disabled BT on my RPI 3 with Hassio. Currently however I want to start using the RPI bluetooth module as an iBeacon.

Any ways / work arounds I can get both to work?

No, this is a known design issue with rpi3. You have to add a USB bluetooth dongle