Martin Jerry MJ-SD01 + Tasmota = no brightness control in HA

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Hello all,
With tuya on the fritz, I finally got around to flashing a bunch of modules with Tasmota. I flashed a Martin Jerry SD01 with Tasmota 8.3.1. Once integrated into Home Assistant, the module first appeared as a switch - it would appear as a light with Tuya but I was able to make it appear as a light with setoption30. But, the module has no brightness slider in home assistant now, just on/off toggle. Clearly, I am missing something…

Many thanks.

Sounds like it’s a PWM Dimmer, check out :slight_smile:

Hi - thanks for the link. I had read through that (3 times). In the Tasmota front-end (ie web interface at LAN IP ADDRESS for module), there is a dimmer bar that works without issue. The buttons on the dimmer work without issue as well. For now, I am not interested in programing long-press commands etc. The problem is that initially HA sees the dimmer as a basic toggle on/off switch and auto-discovers a switch entity. Using setoption30, HA will auto-discover the module as a light entity, but still restrict the entity to on/off, no brightness control.

Hm, I see. You might have to do some manual configuration, check out

And… here is the answer:

Turned off auto-discovery for that module, set up a light.yaml, dropped in the code, changed the topic from “TuyaTest” to my own and, well, “Bob’s your uncle.”

Not sure if it applies, but I found a flaw in my dual channel Tasmota dimmer; HA would not detect manual operation. I had to change

    state_topic: "stat/TuyaDimTest/POWER"


    state_topic: "stat/TuyaDimTest/RESULT"
    value_template: '{{ value_json["POWER"] }}'
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this is handled under the newest tasmota dev releases
it now properly handles pwm devices
i am on and have auto turned on
and HASS sees it as a dimmer


Sure is. I FINALLY just got around to updating devices etc. and all is running smoothly now with Auto-Discovery.