Martin Jerry US-SD-TC01 Light On/Off Behavior

I reached out to Martin Jerry but they could take a while to respond.
Was curious if anybody has any experience with this model, it may be a bit newer.
I liked the way it looked better than the model with the dimmer buttons that were separate from the indicator LEDs.


My issue is the Light_On and Off commands from Home Assistant seem to behave in the opposite direction.
The behavior is a bit hard to nail down, sometimes if the lights are off if I issue the Light_Off command it’ll do nothing as expected, then again it’ll turn them on.
None of my Node Red calls work any more once I replaced the old Z-Wave dimmer I had.


I am having very similar issues with the tasmota version of this dimmer. The dimmer itself works well and responds to local control. However, the toggle switch control does not appear to work using HA or the Tasmota web UI. The switch will appear to change state, then toggle back.

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Glad to hear I’m not going crazy.
I unfortunately uploaded ESPHome firmware to it and it failed to connect to my WiFi and I cannot connect to the AP it puts up. Support just got back to me but it’s essentially bricked. I opened it up and am baffled they couldn’t just put four pins for flashing it. There are four pre tinned pads so I have to get thin wires to solder onto them. The whole point of buying pre-flashed was to not have to do this stuff. Disappointing, would not recommend anybody pick up this product in its current state.

I hoped that the simple single-gang on/off WiFi switch would be easier to add to my Home Assistant environment. It’s not too late to return them to Amazon.

The dimmer in this post is not simple on/off and it is too late for me to return to Amazon. I’ve got the supplies to solder on leads to reprogram mine, I just need to clear my desk and do it.

It was simple to add to HA, just wasn’t behaving properly and I didn’t wait patiently for Martin Jerry support like I should have. They got back to me, I was just too anxious to get it working.

What processor does your model have?

esp 8266 I beleive.

MartinJerry replied to my email quickly. Their recommendation was to return these switches to Amazon. I am going to try their Matter-compatible switches.