MaryTTS Addon


The MaryTTS system as Home Assistant Supervisor Addon, to integrate a local TTS nicely.

Addon Stage Supports aarch64 Architecture Supports amd64 Architecture Supports armhf Architecture Supports armv7 Architecture Supports i386 Architecture

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To the Addon: Hassio-Addons/MaryTTS at master · Poeschl/Hassio-Addons · GitHub

If issues occur please use the GitHub issue board, since I’m only on the community forum from time to time.

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Could someone give me a hint about how I might install another voice? I want to install cmu-bdl-hsmm and I can’t figure it out.

I see where I upload a zip. The MaryTTS Github site has the voice. But I’m stuck, and Google isn’t helping.

Hi, I was like you looking for how to install more voices and found on MaryTTS’s GitHub repository the way to get voices.

To do this, go to this link. Then press CTRL + F to search for your voice (in your case cmu-bdl-hsmm). Look for the link to your voice in the location tag. Copy the link and go to your Home Assistant instance → MaryTTS addon → configuration → paste the link in the “voice” text field.

Now you have a new voice installed on your MaryTTS addon.

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It worked!