Master&Slave HomeAssistant instances via Intrernet

Hello guys, I have two HA instances, one at my house (master )and one at my parents’ one (slave), that I’d want to link togehter (via internet).
My goals are to monitor (and control) my parents’ instance from my master, in particular regards some security cameras and sonoff tasmota-flashed switches.

Have you got some ideas about this type of config?

Thanks to everyone

I’d suggest you don’t try to link them but rather install a VPN server on your parents’ home and connect whenever you want to observe/control.

If you’re using you should check this article out:

Then, whenever you want to monitor/control something - you connect the VPN and do so. Master-slave instances have been removed from hass for a few years now. If you insist to have something similar I’ve read the MQTT statestream component is the way to go, but I have never used it personally:

Thanks kirichov.
The problem with a vpn solution (I tried with OpenVPN and ipsec) is my parents’ isp modem/router that is locked and has a very complicated and mind-blowing port forward managing…

Have you seen this?
It seems very interesting and promising to me…

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For WireGuard you need to forward a single UDP port. Nothing like IPSec’s requirements. I have not seen this ZeroTier.