Master / Slave. MQTT event stream and firing up automations

I can see clearly that with the MQTT event stream all the events are being passed through the MQTT.

I decided to run a secondary HA instance for the TTS.
So on master i have set a rule firing like

  - service: mqtt.publish
      topic: "exchange"
      payload: "kidshumidity"

And on the slave

    platform: mqtt
    topic: "exchange"
    payload: "kidshumidity"

The problem is that on slave the rule like this never reads the sensor value - only the text. I thought that MQTT stream is suppose to pass those values to the slave… Any options on fixing? What might be wrong? Or the only option is to setup thos sensor values on slave as well?

message: ' Temperature {{ states.sensor.mys_zal_temp.state }} Humidity {{ states.sensor.mys_zal_hum.state }} '

MQTT Event Stream only passes events, sadly, from one hass to another. So on instance A you can fire an event that references a light, let’s say, on instance B and because the event information is passed, instance B will execute the event using its knowledge of the local device. I have been unable to find a way to have multiple hass instances operate as one. There was some functionality which allowed slave instances to push device data to a master instance, and there by (I believe) make it look like one bigger hass instance, but that functionality has been removed around .43.