Master switch for multiple flows

Hi, I have a lot of flows.
Most of them have to be activated or disactivated depending on the status of a master switch in HA (Automation=On/Off).

Which is the best methon to use that flag to activate/deactivated almost all flows I need massively?


Hi there, one of the simplest method would be to use a current state node to check the status of HA master switch. In accordance to the switch state, you can either continue the flow or reject it.
If you have any more doubts in implementation, please do ask

Thank you, I hoped to have some flag to disable all flows present in a tab like the flag in UI…

If you want to disable an entire flow tab you can use this. In the http nodes enable authentification and use basic with your HA name and password. I’m not using https so it may be different if you do.

Great, thank you, I will try it!