Mastodon! (Twitter in Open Source!) -- Will you join?

Hey folks!

You have heard it; Twitter has some issues currently and people are migrating elsewhere. That elsewhere is mostly Mastodon; a federated open source twitter alternative. I looked at it some years ago and it was great. Looked at it this week-- blew my mind.

I created a new instance on a rather large hardware server; I invite you all to join in and toot (tweets in Open Source) together.

I am not trying to scope of users here. I would just love to see a dedicated instance where HA freaks post their cool stuff to exchange. In the Twitter style: Short, some pointless, some awesome. Not as huge legendary posts in a forum :slight_smile:

There are of course no ads or any commercial aspect to this. I have been self-hosting for 2 decades now. Now to the awkward part. As for the Domain I wanted something short and cool. Everything was either taken or a premium domain. So if you want to follow my invitation I will see you at

Which stands for… err… Unified Gateway Group… Server? Yes. That.
And it has nothing to do with my wife dressing and putting on unnamed shoes.

Thank you for reading, and hopefuly seeing some of you guys there!
Toot! Toot!


Home Assistant is on Mastodon…

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I won’t join your server (I already run mine) but I followed you

I am for a month now and I love it. It largely replaced Twitter for me, and I was a huge user of Twitter.

Nice idea but unhappy looks like it didn’t last long as instance is offline no ? :frowning: