Match wled

My apologies if this is as much a question for the wled community as HA, but:

Is it possible to use HA to tell wled lights to match my Hue lights?

The problem is pretty straightfoward: Hue passes the test with my wife…wled will absolutely not. But besides that, I’d have to drop insane amounts of moolah to wire up Hue light strips on our cabinets, so it’s ridiculously more cost effective to go the DIY route. But I know my wife is going to really want those Hue scenes.

Is there any way to have HA take a look at a room and match the colors in that room? I don’t know if I’m explaining it well but that’s basically what I’m looking for.

Thanks all!

All the settings of your hue light settings (brightness color etc) can be dynamically retrieved and applied to another light. However the actual color’s between the strips and hues are likely to vary some. Hue effects will not be able to be applied to a wled strip.

How do I accomplish the first part of your reply? I don’t have a clue how to do that…

Using a template.