Matching intent on sentence that contains words

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I’m switching from a Rhasspy voice setup to the new Home Assistant voice setup and find it challenging to get consistent matches via Whisper. One of the challenges I’m facing is that sometimes extra words are detected and that messes up the intent matching.

Currently I’m hacking this using wildcards to ignore extra words. But the most ideal solution would be if the intents could be matched on the existence of specific words. So if a sentence contains “lights” and “on” it would use that intent. No matter what the other words in the sentence are.

Is anyone facing similar issues? And is something like this (matching on some words only) possible?


Try using VOSK. you can set a fixed dictionary of acceptable phrases in it

Awesome, this was just what I was looking for!

@mchk Do you by any chance also know how I can support a numbered range in VOSK? I can’t find it anywhere. The configuration below doesn’t seem to work with VOSK:

      from: 0
      to: 50

It is necessary to use a list. See the attached example.

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@mchk I got it all up and running, and it works very well! The only challenge that is left are false triggers. It tries to mach sentences that do not exist.

In the debug logs I notice a score, example below. Do you know if it’s possible to filter by score? Or to pass the score data to the intent? I notice that when the score is above 6-8 it’s actually the wrong correction.

DEBUG:root:Transcript for client 736074379299864: bed is disco
DEBUG:root:score=12/0.0, original=bed is disco, final=switch
DEBUG:root:Corrected transcript: switch

I do not know that. It is necessary to explore the possibilities of of the project.
It may be advisable to open a request in issues
But I added several stub phrases (turn on, turn off, set…) to the list. Now if I interrupted the voice command, the vosk is more likely to select one of them and further actions are interrupted.
Commands that match the pattern are executed fairly accurately.

Thanks for pointing in the right direction. Looking into the source code I found that the “correct sentences” value you can input into the configuration is used with the debug score.

If the value is 0 it will match anything it gets back
If the value is higher it will check for equal or less than the score

So in the case where you would see a false correction with a debug score of 5/0.0. You could set the correct sentences to 4. Which prevents any scores higher than 4 to be rejected as correct answer.

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I did not turn on the debug mode and could not understand the dimension of the values of this parameter. Now it is clear what the parameter is related to.
It remains to figure out the syntax of “No Correct Patterns”.
As far as I understand, this option allows you to create slots in templates that can be filled with any word. But I haven’t figured out how to use it yet.