Material Design Icon Version Update?

Hello guys,

Is there a reason why some Material Design Icons are not updated in HA? In the documentation the link goes to an old version (4.5.95).

While there is an updated version (5.0.45) with many more icons.

Thank you!

It gets updated regularly. Be patient.

I wonder why this hasn’t been added to depend-a-bot so it gets updated more frequently, seems its a manual task for now.

Well, 4.5.95 is over 6 months old by now. It’s not like it’s a big deal, but imho it could be updated more frequently or even automated as @dshokouhi suggested.

My bad! I just tested some icons from different versions and it seems we’re on 4.9.45, so it’s more up-to-date than I assumed. It’s only the documentation which links to the very old cheatsheet.