Material Design Icons missing: window-shutter

Dear community and dear developers,

I have created a nice dashboard and used a lot of the material design icons for the window shutters. I had icons for 33% open, 50% open, 66% open, fully open. After the latest update, those icons are all gone.

I checked on the material design page and could not find them anymore. Anybody facing the same issue? how likely is it to get those icons back?
Any recommendation for other icons, that might fit my dashboard? (roof top window shutters and vertical shutters…)



Have you ‘visually’ searched for these icons? Quite frequently, to make the whole set naming consistant, they change the name of some icons to something completely different, but do not remove them from collection…

They alo depreciate them occasionally, particularly if they relate to commercial products.

I use a few icons from here:

There’s a custom integration in HACS.

If you find them again, put them locally (on your own system).

They also remove icons from the collection now and then! :frowning:

You could also make your own icon pack.

Hi WallyR,

Up until now, I have used the ‘MDI:window-shutter’ reference for icons.

What format and size would I have to create my own icons? How do I reference them into my mushroom-dashboard? Any recommendations on colour?


Btw: I asked a question on GitHub. Perhaps, they re-add the icons. :slight_smile:

icon: mdi:window-shutter

This is working fine for me, but note the lower case letters for mdi.

ah, sorry, I was typing on my phone. I know, how to reference icons on the material design library. I tried to find the names of those icons, that I am missing. They seem to have been removed from my config during the update. (docker container update)

How do you reference icons, if you put them locally? What are the requirements on local icons?

I do it 'normally` eg:

icon: mdi:window-shutter

and it works fine. I have no clue why it isn’t working for you. Have you cleared your cache?

icon: mdi:window-shutter

is working fine for me as well. If you read my first post: there have been other shutter-icons, that are missing now. My question is about those icons.

those were never in MDI. maybe you had them installed via one of the available custom icon sets?

btw, from the screenshot: what cards are those? maybe mushroom, or minimalist? be sure to update those too, as icon handling has changed in. between HA updates, and the custom cards need to update their syntax for that
I use these,
Scherm­afbeelding 2024-02-19 om 17.47.09

and my custom_icons CC, just drop them in the folder and be done with it:

Here is an explanation to how to add your own icons.

Sorry - I misunderstood.

Hi @Mariusthvdb,

thank you for that hint. I usually update HA one a month and usually, I take a very close look at the release notes. Especially the breaking changes… well, this time, I did not. :see_no_evil:

I just updated my Mushroom add-in and now, all of the icons are back. Well, not the ones, I remember, but that might be because I touched many things in my dashboard in the last couple of days.

Thank you for your link GitHub - Mariusthvdb/custom-icons: Several custom made and legacy icons, and icons collected all over the internet in 1 set, UI selectable.. I will have a close look at this, because I would like to use your shutter-icons. :slight_smile: