Material Design Icons + SimpleIcons: Add support for SimpleIcons library


I am a core contributor on the Material Design Icon (MDI) library which Home Assistant consumes and makes available via mdi:icon-name. We have a bit of a change-up coming with MDI when it comes to “brand” icons. When I say “brand,” I mean things like company logos. For example, the Facebook logo, the Pi-Hole logo, etc.

Moving forward, we are no longer going to be adding new brand icons to the MDI library. Instead, we’re beginning to point people towards SimpleIcons, an icon library that specializes in brand icons only.

We have not yet internally decided if we will be deprecating the brand icons currently available in the MDI library. That means any brand icons currently available in MDI as of 3.6 will continue to be available for use, but we will not add any new brand icons in upcoming versions. If we do decide to deprecate and remove any brand icons, we will be sure to announce that intent and the timeframe until those icons are completely removed from MDI.

We will not be removing or changing any non-brand icons in the library.

To be proactive, I’m recommending Home Assistant also is proactive and adds support for SimpleIcons (perhaps with a si:icon-name format).

Please let me know if I can be of any more assistance with this matter.



Hey @goyney, thanks for alerting us to this. For future reference, this kind of thing is probably best communicated via a issue on the frontend repo. The correct people have been alerted to this though.

I specifically posted here because the repo stated that issues were for bug reports only. Would you like me to cross post it there as well?

Good point and understandably confusing!

Perhaps he should have waited until it became a bug? :wink:
Right now it is a “potential future bug”, I guess.

I raised a feature request here in the forum, too.

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I just forked @thomasloven 's custom icon-set and modified it for simple-icons:

Maybe this is of use until home-assistant natively supports custom icons somehow!

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That method is the official support for custom icons.

Aaah, I couldn’t find any documentation on this in my quick google escapades :smiley:

Though maybe there will be a way somewhen in the future for choosing new “icon packs” via the UI, who knows :slight_smile:

Well… not official official… just… you know

It’s why extra_module exists as a preparation for when browsers stop supporting extra_html. Will need some rewriting of the icon packs… I’ll get to it some day.
And I have an idea on how to force it into hacs, so there you’ll have the UI support.

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ciao , ho installato tramiche hacs e successivamente nelle integrazioni , ma quando metto la stringa
si:amazonalexa non mi compare l’icona.

mi puoi aiutare?