Hey there,
sometimes the available icons from mdi are just not enough.
Could it be possible to add an alternative icon provider?
Since we already define that the icon is from mdi, another tag could be added, e.g.

icon: mdi:hotel
icon: fa:bed

Here are some other interesting features.

I thought we could use fa already, or is that just the the Dashboard??

I googled it and only results for HADashboard came up.
I just tested it with:

icon: fa:fa-bath and icon: fa:bath, but sadly both are not working.

Well you could switch to the dashboard for display purposes… It’s really nice. :slight_smile:

Is HADashboard already available for

Pardon my ignorance, but what is

Interesting. I know some people have installed AppDaemon in docker instances. It can also be installed on a machine of it’s own and just like back to the HA system. Let me check with some of the AD guys to see what they have to say?

@aimc is AppDaemon something that can run on

Yes, it can and does. There is already a working prototype but an official one is in the making.

Yes, I am working on an official version, watch this space :slight_smile:

And just to bring this thread somewhat back on topic, yes HADashboard has support for both Material Design and Font Awesome icons.

Thanks. I knew it supported both, that’s why I was suggesting maybe moving to the HADashboard. But the question came up about support under

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@aimc really looking forward to the official addon!
However Font Awesome Icons for the standard frontend would be awesome as well

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The material design icons in my opinion are lacking. Font awesome icons would be great. Is there a way we could add them ourselves somewhat easily?

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Font Awesome are already supported …

But home assistant doesn’t support font awesome :sob:

I would love to see Font Awesome added as a compliment to Material Designs. Even better if it could support pro for those that have it.


I’d love font awesome to be added. Please and thank you!

So, I’m thinking of trying to look into this myself (no promises, I’m an admin, not a dev). I figure the first step is just to figure out how MaterialDesigns is integrated into Home Assistant, which means finding the code that ties them together. I’m looking right now, but it’s not proving to be easy to find. Does anyone else have any idea where that part of the code resides?

Happened upon this while searching for another thing, but thought I’d leave this link here if you guys haven’t seen it yet:

Here’s the relevant thread here as well :slight_smile: