Matter 1.0 launch Event Nov 3

Aaaaaand… Discuss!

Yeah it brings so much disappointment and my experiences have shown me that more far you stay of “standards” developped by Google, Amazon or Apple, better you are as these protocols never last ! In home automation you need some real standards, not some marketing stuffs that in 2/3 years will go in the big graveyard of these companies…

This is being developed by the same group that runs ZigBee. Does that make a difference in your mind?

This is developed by Google, Apple, Amazon, Smart Things - because they are the ecosystem providers that people will normally use to interact with the devices.

It’s also developed by the CSA - Connectivity Standards Alliance.

And the main chip makers are involved too.

I am dubious. Mostly from decades of watching “standards” come and go like the fall leaves.
I can say with experienced confidence that Apple, Google, etc will find a way to “extend” the Matter standard to lock users into their proprietary platforms.


Yea, I kind of expect them to ‘extend’ the standards, and Home Assistant may have to have Matter-quirks (like zigbee-quirks).
But my hope is that the base features will be available. Maybe this will be a good thing forcing makers to create more interesting features!

I noticed today - just while snooping on the network. That both of my Nest Hub v2 displays, are now advertising the OpenThread Border Router on my local network!

Google confirmed that they have indeed quietly been enabling the thread radio over the last few months:


It’s a pretty good video - really selling matter, that’s good to see.

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Good intro video. I’m actually surprised. Has anyone else seen a high-quality protocol promotion video?

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This seems like it’s aimed at both developers and consumers.

PS Looking on Twitter at Matter Launch event news. One thing that stood out, is that they are going to be aiming for bi-annual updates to the spec. Which is really exciting news!

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