Matter 1.2 and smart plugs monitoring

Do anybody know if Matter 1.2 upgraded the standard for smart plugs, so they now can support monitoring/metering?

I have tried to find the information on numerous webpages, but they are all about the new areas covered by Matter 1.2 and nothing about what else the upgrade contains.

I don’t see it Wally. Disappointed myself. If I see otherwise or locate the full spec I’ll point you to a link.

Tried to download the specs for 1.2, but I had to register and was unable to in my current location.
Maybe I get time to download and look at the specs on Monday.

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I looked at the 1.2 specifications and I can find no mention of terms like ‘current’ or ‘voltage’. I have a Tapo P110M which presents itself as a Matter “On/Off Plug-in Unit”, device type 0x010a. The attributes for this device type do not mention anything electrical and look identical to the 1.1 specification.

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That was what I feared.
A smart plug without monitoring is really not that smart at all.

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