Matter and Alexa

I think I’m going insane, but before running to the doctor I’ve decided I’ll give it a shot here.

I just enable Matter (add-on) in home assistant (running HaasOS on ODROID). I did not add any matter devices yet.
I have UniFi system (dream machine, switch and AP). I did not enable IPv6. I have 5 Echo Dots (5th gen) and they started to disconnect from Network. I need to power cycle them and they work for 2-3 hours and disconnect again.
It is possible that there is a connection between matter add-on and alexa disconnects?


Uninstalled Matter add-on, so far everything returned to normal (Echos are not disconnecting from Alexa server)

What I am missing?

Nope…disconnecting again. Looks like it is not related to matter server and it was just circumstantial.
This is weird, I never experienced this behavior before. Every echo dot disconnecting from network and I need to power cycle it.