Matter device pairing - how to?

I recently got Meross smart mini plugs that is matter. I used my iPhone home app to pair them and it works and controls fine from within the Home app of iOS.

Now i want to bring this device into my Hass, and i am trying to figure out how, I tried first to add “HomeKit controller” integration and it wouldn’t show my matter deivces, then after googling i thought i should add thru matter integration, so i go to devices->add device->matter (beta), it asks for url ws://localhost:5580/ws (not sure where this goes) but just click submit gives me “Failed to connect”

what am I doing wrong, and how can i get matter devices connected to hass (non-supervised) so i can do automation in hass.


It sound like you will need to add the “Matter Server” Add-On.

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how would i do that, i am not running supervised hass?

Take a look at “option2” at the following link:

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Sure i will try that option 2, but before i do, if i had this paired with my Home app on iOS, shouldn’t i be able to use HomeKit controller to expose anything home app devices are ?

I haven’t used HomeKit in a few years, so I maybe off base, but looking at the HA docs on HomeKit Controller, you have to add Homekit devices directly to HA’s Homekit Controller, whereas it sounds like you added it using HomeApp which means it got paired to some other Homekit Controller, in which case “you will need to reset it [Device] in order to pair it with Home Assistant”

Also, the HA docs on its Homekit Controller says it supports pairing with a Thread device, but doesn’t say anything about a pairing with a Matter device. I believe your Merros plug is WiFi based (not Thread based), so it sort of seems to me that HA’s Homekit Controller won’t support your Merros plug.

I only have this two smart mini plugs which is matter compatible (ordered and waited to receive this new matter complaint device) becaz i thought matter is going to be standard (hopefully), but it seem early to use the real potential sharing between different hubs (like my Home iOS hub and HASS).

Ultimately i want to do an automation to turn on/off based on a motion. So instead of trying to workout matter device in hass, i added my motion sensor to homekit bridge (i already have many on them) then from iOS home app, i did the automation to on/off on motion trigger.

This is works for me now, so i will revisit in the future when matter is well integrated into hass and other hubs.

thanks all for the support.

As an FYI (as I understand things)… Apple Home/HomeKit for example will create a Matter Fabric for its own use (you can think of this as an Apple HomeKit ecosystem) and that a Matter Device can pair with Apple’s Matter Fabric. That same Matter Device can also pair with a Google Matter Fabric (Google Ecosystem) and thus that device will work with both Apple and Google Matter Fabrics. Similarly a Matter Device paired with Apple HomeKit Matter Fabric can also be paired with Home Assistant’s Matter Fabric and thus that device will work in both HomeKit and HA Matter Fabrics. This should actually work now :slight_smile: . I don’t think there is or will be any other way for HA to talk with your Merros device.

Thank you for the details to understand it better. :slight_smile:

A bit of an old thread but I just got my Meross smart plug and got it on HA without issues. I did not have to use homekit just plugged it in straight out of the box, then used HA on smartphone. Just go to :
Settings>devices>add device>Matter device and scan the QR code on the device. Takes about 1-2 minutes and it will add it automatically.
You need to have installed the Matter integration (still in beta) in advance.