Matter Energy

I have successfully incorporated two matter devices into Home Assistant.
Matter Server Current version: 5.0.2
Home Assistant Core 2024.1.2, Supervisor 2023.12.0, Operating System 11.3, Frontend 20240104.0

One is an Eve Energy (Matter / Thread). This works fine, including the energy readings, except that they are not being shown in the dashboard. The difference with other smart plugs seems to be that normally, for other energy reading plugs, the energy readings are under the heading “Sensoren”. But for the Eve the readings are under “Diagnose”. As far as I can conclude, this is why the Eve readings will not show on the default dashboard. Can someone please look into this?

The other is a Meross (Matter / WiFi). This does not contain any energy readings. Will this be added in the future?

Looking forward for reactions!

As of Matter 1.2, energy reading is not yet supported in the Matter standard.

I appreciate that, but the Eve does display the energy stats, just in a way they can’t be displayed in de default dashboard. And if it is possible for Eve, then it should be possible from Meross as well, right?

The Eve devs cooperated with HA on the details for their custom energy cluster.

If meross does the same, then it could be possible, assuming the data is accessible via matter.

I understand.
Now how do I ask the developers for the Eve to move the temperature reading into the sensor realm in stead of diagnose? There seems to be a more general inconsistenacy between devices as to witch reading ends up in what category.