Matter in Home Assistant workshop announcement

Will definitely watch! Hope they will give a bit more of an in depth look into the matter protocol since it can be used over normal wifi as well. Very interested in matter over tcp/ip.

Look promising as many players are getting involved in Matter compatablity between brands. Ikea have recently held a press conference announcing their products coming out later in the year.

Spitballing ideas of how to use the device after the demo.
I wonder if we could create a Matter “Energy Bridge”(sounded like a good name to me) that would help us onboard devices that can’t support Matter. We would use the Matter protocol to onboard the bridge. The “Energy Bridge” would beam over connection info to older devices that will never be able to support Matter. In pairing mode it would look for devices that create a WiFi access point and give us a link to pair the device.

We should create an idea thread. I know someone can top my suggestion


For German users: I got mine here:

Way cheeper than Conrad.

Hello, will this works as well?édant-développement-incluant/dp/B08BZGC22Q/ref=sr_1_15?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=C3OFXC6TI32W&keywords=Espressif+ESP32-C3-DevKitM-1&qid=1654182022&sprefix=espressif+esp32-c3-devkitm-1%2Caps%2C123&sr=8-15

I’d say no to the ‘ESP32 Dev Kit C V4’ as:

  • It doesn’t appear to have a NeoPixel multi-colour LED on the board
    (white rectangle in the centre - and the LED is the specific device to be controlled via Matter)
  • It uses a more generic ESP32-WROOM-32 (not a ESP32-C3)
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Looking forward to this presentation. Great to hear that device standards are being developed.

A ESP32-WROOM-32 has an onboard LED (a single color one). I’m personally ok with just getting that single binary LED matter-ified as a proof of concept. Given that, could I use the ESP32-WROOM-32 for the workshop? I can’t quite tell why the -C3 is specifically required.

The demo Matter app for ESP32 is here, you can try it out ahead of time and make sure it is working.


What about this module? Its a esp32 C3.

Wil this do?

I don’t know what’s in the workshop, however looking at the Google Matter example code, the list of supported devices might give you some ideas for ESP32 device compatibility.

Beyond CPU differences, a single LED would be on a different pin, driven by a different protocol, and likely would need a different Matter lighting endpoint without colour and brightness (unless you did your own PWM).

As I mentioned above, if you can get a binary to run, you might be able to connect a NeoPixel WS2812 / SK6812 to GPIO2 - just chop one one a bit of LED tape (you’ve read this far so you run WLED, right? :wink: ).

Hello there,

From Europe (Spain) Reichelt will not deliver until june 22nd :frowning:

Anyway, I’ve HomeAssistant installed in a RPI and I’ve another RPI with a Phoscom device and ZIGBEE controller. All devices at home are Zigbee (3.0 when possible) except some particular exceptions. How is Matter related with my existing hardware?

Existing devices are unchanged, but some manufacturers will offer updates to their devices and more likely hubs to support Matter as a common language to make more integration possible. New devices from many manufacturers (all the big names) are likely to support Matter both to control (e.g. phone, voice assistant) and be controlled (lights, thermostats, etc).

I suggest reading the CSA Matter docs or Google developer guide to get an overview.

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Will this be left up on YouTube after the event? I have a work commitment at the same time but would like to watch later and also follow along once my hardware arrives (order placed through Mouser). Thanks!


This question has been asked twice now but no answer.

Don’t know if you managed to order one but you can get a module at 3 to 4 days delivery.

Digi-Key has the M5Stamp C3 available as well.

Hey, Europe! Here you can find some more (from Poland):

ESP32-C3-DEVKITM-1 ESPRESSIF - Entw.Kits: WiFi | Stift,USB micro; GPIO,I2C,I2S,SPI,UART,WiFi; ESP32C3-DEVKITM1 | TME - Elektronik Bauteile

Yes it will stay online.


How do you know if the Bluetooth adapter is connected and working on the Home Assistant Blue.