Matter Lights slow first response

I decided to switch out some lights to matter devices (Linkind). Paired up quickly and seemed to work fine while testing. But I ended up having a problem about 8 hours later.
So anytime after about 8 hours, the first response is very slow, i.e. I turn it on and it takes 6-12 seconds to turn on. HA send it out immediately. After that initial delay, then everything is sub-second response time. Let it sit for 8 hours and then same results. The light always has power as the light switch has a protector to keep power on.

My zigbee lights do not have this delay.

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Facing the same issue and can’t figure out what’s causing this. This wasn’t the case on 2024.1, though, so something changed relatively recently.

Same issue for me as well with Linkind Matter lights. It’s been happening ever since I purchased and set up the lights last month. The delay is extremely irritating: up to a 10 second delay from the time HA entity state is changed to the time the bulb actually turns on, but only only after it’s been sitting for a while.

I can confirm this behavior as well using OREiN smart bulbs from Amazon. Subsequent requests are fast, it’s just that first request after a period of no activity that has a huge delay (several seconds).

Same problem here. Different light bulbs, but exact same behavior. I have 3 mujoy Matter bulbs that worked perfectly for months and then started responding really slowly to turn on calls. Adjusting brightness also is super slow now. Screen Recording