Matter Thermostat Fan Control

Just wondering if there are any plans to allow fan control of Matter thermostats? Is that even in the spec?

The Matter 1.1 specs are pretty limited and Matter 1.2 is due to November, but it is a bit hard to get precise information about what it will contain of improvements.
They have announced some improvements and features, but it is only in broad strokes with no real details.
The future after Matter 1.2 is also total dark. There is no roadmap available, not even a vision, so it is just wait and see (and maybe pray).
I am myself hoping for an improvement of smart plugs to allow metering/monitoring.

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I pretty sure November’s spec update will be all about the power metering Wally if Schneider Electric’s recent involvement with the CSA is any indication. (Schneider realllly wants Matter in thier smart panels, so does the CSA. But a smart panel without power monitoring. Well…)

I hope you are right, but I have not been able to find anything concrete about it.

Gotcha. Thanks, guys! I’ll just wait and hope. haha