MAx and min on axes of graphs

Not sure if this is HA or ESP home.

I have a load cell connected to a D1 Mini. With nothing on the load cell, the raw value is around -160000. With 1kg on, it’s about -55000. So I have this in my yaml:

      - calibrate_linear:
          - -162000 -> 0
          - -55000 -> 1030
    unit_of_measurement: g

Over to HA. I have a gauge that shows the value in g. That works fine. But when I click on that to view the graph, the axis goes from -160000 to +50000. The line has the correct value when I hover over it. but it’s not very helpful. I’d like to limit the axis to go from 0 to 1100 or something.

Is there a way to do this?

Looks like you need to adjust the graph so it doesn’t show the values before you calibrated it (i.e. move the start time a bit to the right).

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