MAX!Cube resetting all connections

The maxcube component has some issues with the MAX!Cube and thermostats, after 2-3 days of use of all a sudden it factory resets the MAX!Cube and all configurations are lost

Has anyone got an answer?

You have same problem?

My solution was to use only the official app (not even unofficial apps), did a weekly setting, and never touched it again (I open official app maybe once a week).

So far no more resets

Thanks, this seems to work - thanks

Same issues here. By “official app” you mean the Windows program?

I was referring to the Android app, but I guess it works also with the windows app. My guess is that the max xube HUB when it gets too many connections goes bananas

The HASS connection is lost, but the system works.

Alternatively we should use a self made hub (basically just a sender/receiver) I saw this is possible, but have not tested it