Maxcube (eQ-3 MAX!) target and currentl temperature drops to 0

Has anyone else experienced the maxcube or other device “loosing” current temperature and set point of a few minutes as the attached graph

I have the same problem with actual temperature but using node-red. It seems to be a problem in Max Cube but I do not know what happens

Hey , yes this is a known problem/feature or the Eq3 radiators… I wrote a sqlite script which deleted all radiator temperatures which are 0.0 and run this on a crontab… I’ll upload the script later…

Appeared to work but I did see a zero blip so I need to check its “really” working

Any updates for this ? Still have this problem…

Okay, wrote something.
Possible someone will clean up the database.



echo "Rows to delete:"
sqlite3 $database "select count(state) from states where entity_id like '%climate%' and attributes like '%current_temperature%: 0.0%';"

sqlite3 $database "delete from states where entity_id like '%climate%' and attributes like '%current_temperature%: 0.0%';"
echo "Database clean!"

yeah that will work, i wrote something similar and executed it on a cron job… Alas Im now moving away from Max! stuff given the cube looses its memory if u poll it too much

Thx for your reply.
What scan_Intervall do you use with your max! Cube ?
I’m using 60 secs and after a day all drops to null… Shitty max…