Maximize self-consumption of solar energy

Hi, I’ve a Daikin Altherma heat pump and a photovoltaic plant with 1 Huawei inverter Sun2000+Luna2000 battery, full integrated in HA.
I will to maximize self-consumption of solar energy if it’s possible by an automation or a scene:

  1. when battery Luna2000 is over >90% charged
  2. Photovoltaic panels in over 1kWp of production
  3. Start Daikin Altherma in heat mode at 23, or xx C°
    or Start Tank hot water to 50°

Can you Help me? Many thanks.

Use both of these as numeric state triggers and both as numeric state conditions:

This is your action:

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many thanks i will try asap ;).

Just FYI this is how I do it:

There are more details in the following posts.

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Many thanks for your support. I works :grin:

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Sorry to barge in; I’ll be having solar panels with a Huawei inverter and battery installed next week. Could you let me know which integrations/instructions you’ve used to integrate them into HA, please? Thank you!

Hi,I’ve used this configs: :

  1. ha integration:
  2. direct wifi connection HA to inverter with a dedicated WiFi interface on my HA server (or you need the Huawei dongle on inverter and configure modbus connection to dongle)
  3. ip inverter port 6607

Thank you!

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