Maximum number of columns in view

Hi there,

I have some trouble finding out how my views are rendered. What defines how many columns I get?

If I use Google Chrome I get maximal 3 columns per view, regardless of the window width:

Looks the same if I expand my window:

If I collapse the left navigation menu I get 4 columns:

Is there any way to get more than 4 columns?
I found some guy whos screenshot shows more than 4 columns:

How did he get this working?


This is still one of the many mysteries of the UI for me as well.
I also get only a maximum of four - maybe a css setting?

That 5 column view is mine :smile:
It’s from an “old” version, like 0.30 or so. Maybe after that something changed on frontend code, as for now I don’t get more than 4 columns regardless screen size.

<600px screen gets 1 column, <900px 2 columns, <1200px 3 columns, >1200px 4 columns.
Open sidebar reduces the number of columns by 1.

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I wonder why this is limited to 4 columns when there is space for more…
Especially on large displays the space is wasted this way.

Thx danichispa, this is a good explanation why i saw this on your screenshot :wink:

I just created a feature request for unlimited columns depending on the screen width:

How to do 4 columns in 2024? GitHub - thomasloven/lovelace-layout-card: 🔹 Get more control over the placement of lovelace cards. default is different for expanded a closed sidebar.