Maximum Number of Philips Hue Hubs?

Anyone know how many Philips Hue Hubs are supported in HA? I know “more than one” is supported but I have 357 bulbs in a large home I need to support in a single HA system and I’m trying to decide if 8 or 9 hubs (the hubs support a max of 50 devices) is smartest or maybe some kind of 2 or 3-ConBeeII setup (which sounds even more complex).


One ConBee II should be enough to handle 200 bulbs. However for such a huge setup, I’d ask the manufacturer (Dresden Elektronik) directly that they can confirm the limit and suggest the best solution.
Personally I wouldn’t go with the Hue Hubs, the ConBee can integrate devices from other manufacturs as well (do you really want hue for each and every bulb, for some places I find the Hues overkill and a simple white one from IKEA is enough), and all commands are pushed to home assistant where assthe hue hubs have to be polled

I’m with you there on all counts. That said, I can’t get a solid answer about running 2 ConBee II and what other challenges I might run in to with Zigbee in general even if I can make that happen. I just need to experiment,. I have 2 ConBee IIs in front of me and I figured I’d spin up 2 separate docker containers for each one (different ports) and see if I can get HA to cooperate.

Did you ask the manufacturer directly? They probably did some experiments in the lab on the max number of devices etc.

For your two ConBee stick, make sure they are not too close to each other and on a different ZigBee Channel, otherwise I think you can get interference issues.

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I heard from the Phoscon folks directly: “The ConBee II supports up to 200 network participants in mixed networks - with lights and end devices.”

Will be trying the two-docker-container thing over the holiday break!

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