MCCGQ02HL (Xiaomi Mijia Window Door Sensor 2)

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hi there,
recently (by mistake) I bought bluethooth sensor MCCGQ02HL (Xiaomi Mijia Window Door Sensor 2) and try to integrate with HA using HACS/Passive BLE monitor integration (Xiaomi Mijia BLE MiBeacon monitor) … is it possible to do it not having a MI gateway ,
can you please advice me how this sensor could be describe in configuration.yaml ?
I just started this jurney and tried to dig into different topic but not found anything simmilar to this …

Same here, wrong purchase. For now ended up buying the right door sensor, I hope this will also be supported later.

Actually i manage to configure it and sensors are working as expected but IT is not doable without android phone and MOD version of MiHOMe app.

So no issue with that

How did you extract the bind key?

I downloaded this app: but I only found the token, not the bind key.

Edit: I found it, you need to create a logs folder under /vevs and then pair the sensor with the application. The key will be in misc/pairings.txt

:slight_smile: yes, hope it will work for you too.