MCOHOME PM2.5 Monitor MH10. Home assistant does not recognize PM2.5 data

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Hello to all forum participants.
Need the help of knowledgeable people.
I bought the MCOHOME PM2.5 Monitor MH10 -
The device displays data PM2.5 only on its own screen. But does not send PM2.5 data to the controller via z-wave. The device transmits data to my hub only temperature and humidity. But doesn’t transmit measurement data PM 2.5 to z-wave hub. There was no problem with connecting to the network, but in the field “Entities of this Node” shows only Temperature and Humidity entities. Home assistant did not determine the measurement pm2.5 function of this device. Home assistant supports this device? Why does it determine temperature and humidity, but does not see PM2.5 data?
The official User Manual read:
“Association Group
Device supports 1 association group. A gateway is suggested to associate with this group. The
device will report to this associated device (gateway) when detected data changes:
PM2.5: report every 10Sec
Temperature: report when any change≥ 0.5℃
Humidity: report when any change≥ 2%
Command Class supported by the device

Is there any way to add PM2.5 measurements to Home Assistant?
My Smart home based on Raspberry with Sigma Z-Wave USB Adapter.
PS I looked at the file - /srv/homeassistant/lib/python3.5/site-packages/python_openzwave/ozw_config/manufacturer_specific.xml.
But I did not find such model in MCOHome, there is only mh9 CO2.
Maybe should i update Openzwave?
I think that currently in the Home assistant is the old version of openzwave. My Home assistant is 0.84.3 there is a version of openzwave 0.4.10 although 0.4.16 is already available


Hi remo.78
I have the same sensor and the same problem.
After some fiddling around I’va update openzwave configuration with the following:

Adding a line in manufacturer-specifi.xml section for “Mchome”:
<Product type="0a01" id="5102" name="MH10-PM2.5-WA" config="mcohome/mh10.xml"/>

And adding a file mcohome/mh10.xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Product xmlns='' Revision="1"> <!--MCOHome PM2.5 Monitor MH10-PM2.5-WA --> <!-- Configuration --> <CommandClass id="112"> <Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="2" label="PM2.5 report interval" size="1" min="0" max="255" units="ug/m3" value="10"> <Help>PM2.5 Report Interval in 0.1ug/m³, 0 = disabled</Help> </Value> <Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="3" label="Temperature report interval" size="1" min="0" max="20" units="C" value="1"> <Help>Temperature Report Interval in 0.5°C, 0 = disabled</Help> </Value> <Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="4" label="Humidity report interval" size="1" min="0" max="100" units="%" value="2"> <Help>Humidity Report Interval in 1%, 0 = disabled</Help> </Value> </CommandClass> <!-- Association Groups --> <CommandClass id="133"> <Associations num_groups="2"> <Group index="1" max_associations="1" label="Notification" auto="false"/> </Associations> </CommandClass> </Product>

But - ent the end it is still not working. Do you meanwhile have a solution?


Hi, tkghks7s.
The OpenZwave does not support MCO PM2.5. I did not find a solution and returned the product to the seller. Also i found this device useless. In my house, the level of PM2.5 is significantly below the norm and never rises above the norm. I think it will be relevant only for industrial premises.


Hi remo.78,
meanwhile I also got an answer from MCOHome support, which told me that I’ve to upgrade the software on my Z-Wave controller to support “Particulate” by MULTISENSOR command class?
When looking to OpenZWave there is a patch #1585 which seems to add this feature. So I try to upgrade OpenZWave first…

According plausibility: I also was surprised about the low values in my house, usually 1 to 5 µg/m³. But when lightning a match in about 1m distance, after 10 minutes the PM2.5 is growing up to 50µg/m³ for about 30 minutes - this looks realistic!


I hope you will succeed. Please write how it will end. I find it more useful MH-Z19 CO2 Sensor.
This is really useful. I was surprised how quickly rises the co2 level in the room.