MCZ pellet stove and Home Assistant

I’m new to this forum and I have an interesting question. I have an MCZ pellet stove and I have an RFXCOM. I made the remote control of the MCZ active on the RFXCOM and it works too. The stove responds to the commands. Now I seem to remember that this summer I managed to control the pellet stove via Home Assistant but after a crash I had to reinstall Home Assistant after which I can’t get it working anymore. I don’t remember what I did then or that I was wrong and that I might have gotten the pellet stove to work via a test of the RFXCOM or via the LMair that I also own and that can also learn commands from remote controls. But I can’t get it to work there either.
I want to set up my automation in such a way that the pellet stove is started at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius, because the heat pump then gets heavy and works less efficiently.
Is there anyone who can help me? I’m sure there are more people who want or have realized something like this.


I’m quite in the same situation with my MCZ Club pellet stove.

I’m able to send commands (Flame power, fan 1 & 2 speed, Mode (Off, Manuel, Auto, Eco…)) with the RFXmngr app.

Now, I try to achieve the same with Home Assistant, but I can’t figure out how to add a kind of climate with the rfxrtx platform (I’m not even sure if it’s possible or not).

If someone had some infos, that could be very helpful.


any solution since ?

I might have when someone solves my problems with Node-Red. I try to add the Node-Red extension RFXCOM to Node-Red but I get errors. I hope someone can fix it. Then there is hope!


Does anyone found a solution for the MCZ pellet stove?

Yeah, it’s fixed. I raised the question at the time but in the end I solved it myself.
These are briefly the steps:

I use Hassio as a basis.
You need a RFXtrx 433 E

  • Read the manual that comes with the RFXtrx433e and carefully perform the steps listed in the MCZ section.
    Note: Do not flash again with a more recent version of the firmware after execution.

-Use Node-Red as ad-on in Hassio. Adjust the configfile asls accordingly:

> certfile: fullchain.pem
> keyfile: privkey.pem
> require_ssl: false
> system_packages:
>   - make
>   - gcc
>   - g++
>   - linux-headers
> npm_packages:
>   - node-red-contrib-rfxcom
>   - node-red-contrib-modbus
> init_commands: []

Then start Node-red.If ‘Node-red-contrib-rfxcom’ hasn’t been added yet in the column on the left you can still do this by clicking on the 3 dashes on the right and choosing ‘manage Palette’. Search here for ‘node-red-contrib-rfxcom’ and install it.

  • Then copy the code below and place it in the tab that opens when you have clicked the 3 dashes again and then choose ‘Import’.
    Then do an ‘deploy’.

`[{"id":"6f09b9d0.40aeb8","type":"rfx-heat-out","z":"6c54af5e.bc425","name":"","port":"fd18ebe9.7a981","topicSource":"msg","topic":"","x":520,"y":100,"wires":[]},{"id":"fd18ebe9. 7a981","type":"rfxtrx-port","z":"","port":"/dev/serial/by-id/usb-RFXCOM_RFXtrx433_A128N67O-if00-port0","enableDebug":true,"rfyVenetianMode":"EU"}]`

Then adjust the data based on what you found at the first point. The first part of ‘mcz_pellet_stove_3_fan/0x7A8203’ so for the / is specific to my pellet stove. If necessary, look in the source code of ‘node-red-contrib-rfxcom’ on github for what your stove needs.

Now you can test if everything works. If that is the case you can adjust the flow in Node-Red to your own needs and make it as complicated as you want with indoor and outdoor temperature etc.

Feel free to complete and refine this short manual.


Hi all, ma parents also have an MCZ stove, older series, without ability to make it smart
Now, i was looking for a broadlink device, but after googling, seems the MCZ remote works on 434,5, and seems broadlink only supports 433

Does that RFXcom device work for you? does it also work standalone without HA? i dotn want to setup HA there, just for controlling the stove :slight_smile:
i read about a : RFXmngr app ?

feedback is appreciated

I didn’t see your question until now. Sorry. Yes, I use the RFXcom and it works just fine. But I use Node RED (add-on) and the specially made nodes as mentioned in my tutorial.

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For maestro models (cloud), you can use: