MDI difference between Synology/Docker and RPI running same version?

Hi, old time Homewizard user here, relatively new to HA.

Running (but not actively using) HA on RPI for a while now. Wish to migrate to Synology NAS. Docker installation ok. HA up and running on NAS. Both running HA 2022.11.5. Now migrating contents.

On the NAS instance I cannot find the MDI icons mdi:home-floor-0, 1, 2 that I use on the RPI. I vaguely remember adding them myself, not sure about it though. I certainly cannot remember how I did that and can’t find a topic either. So how dow I get these icons into the NAS instance?

Thanks a bunch.

Sorry, new insight… The icons are not in the listbox when I try to edit a group/page label (e.g. change default ‘Home’ into something else). However the icons do appear in the listbox used in a ‘Entities Card’ trying to change the icon of a switch. There is not one common set of icons for all functions?

Can’t show the other screenshot ('new users are not allowed to post more than one :-()

Maybe you added directly

All icons are available. Look here for icon and just type in directly

Dead right! Works like a charm!

Why didn’t I think of that myself!

Thanks a bunch!