Mdi icon flip vertical or horizontal

Please i need help how to make flip (mirror) for my icon in home assistant dashboard state-icon card.
i want to flip the card horizontally, i have tried many things but not working.

original icon: image

and i want to flip it like this : image

this is my code:

  - type: state-icon
    entity: input_boolean.test15
    name: living balacon light
    icon: mdi:coach-lamp
    horizontal: true
      action: toggle
      <Icon path={mdiAccountSearch} horizontal/>
      horizontal: true
      top: 82%
      left: 11%
      '--paper-item-icon-color': red
      transform: translate(-50%, -50%) scale(1.5, 1.5) horizontal(true) 

any idea??


Thank you so much, i finally get it working :slight_smile:
this is what i was searching for:

 transform: rotateY(180deg); 
 transform: rotateX(180deg);

finally done.

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It seems MDI icons do support something like flip and mirror and even rotate.
Down at the bottom, doesn’t work in HA though.