MDI icons availability


Quick question, are mdi icons all available ? Because I used some as “mdi:alphabet-x-box” added on september ( but it doesn’t show up …

I heard that they have to be implemented in Hass before being usable ? right ?

They all get added eventually. I believe @balloob usually maintains them.

does that means they are locally stored ? i.e if/where i can store my own “creations”, so they will be visible in “icon-selector-list” ?

You have to create a javascript file in a certain format to add your own icons.
Search for “hass icon” on github and you will find a lot of examples.
My own hass-crypto-icons works that way,

Yes, i’ve seen a few repos, but i do find most filled with a lot (most parts) with icons not relevant to me :slight_smile: … materialdesign, is not directly created for a home-automation design, if i may say so, and it sucks loading into the browser, but i found a better solution with hass-fontawesome @thomasleven, i can add my own into the folder ( just have to convert them, from png, to svg ) … works for most icons i have …
… However, i do like your design, thou again, not many, if any i find relevant for me ( from what i can see in your “examples” … and i doubt you will make a dozen , entirely for me :grin:

There’s also this:

The author is quite active and takes requests.

Also please don’t tag people like that.

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like that ? , i just thought it was polite to “tag” the author of the repos i mentioned , which im using, and found very satisfying to my needs

Nope. It’s annoying as hell being pinged by hundreds of people.

thanks for the url, i did skipped reading it prior, du to the fact, i dont have any Hue devices … but i must say i like this repos also :wink:

Yeah it’s no longer specific to hue icons. It’s just the hue style now.

i assume i also can use without any IOS inside my doors :grin: … it’s actually simple and neat

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by this?

first part = i dont have, and will never have IOS or XOS, thou i have worked with support for XOS devices … second part = i like the design in the repos you recommended