Mdi icons missing, site moved

Trying to customize a couple of devices and noticed that the web site for the mdi icons has moved, used to be at and now it’s at

The links at the HA customizatíon docs still target the old site.

What’s a bit sad is that at the new site, a lot of the icons that were previously available don’t show up anymore. I’ve used for instance “led-strip” in my customize.yaml, and it isn’t available on the new site (my customization still works though). But I also remember seeing lots of other icons which I can’t find anymore (many different variations on light bulbs for instance)

Anyone know what’s happened? And is there any way to get hold of the old, more extensive, icon set? works for me.

Yup, working here too.

The other one you linked to is not the same thing.

Ah, must have been a temporary problem then. Thanks :slight_smile: