mDNS Issue?

Hi, I have freshly installed a new version of HA - I installed this manually on my Raspberry Pi in a virtual enviroment. I also setup avahi-daemon so that I can access my files on my macs using afp (along with netatalk).

I setup a host name (SmartHome) and normally it would just allow me to access through a local domain (SmartHome.local). But it seems something is blocking it and I am convinced it is something within the home assistant install.

Does anyone know how I can trouble shoot this / get this to work? It works perfect on my other raspberry pi (running the same setup with out HA - but instead Plex installed).

Is there anything that I can add to this file?

Thanks in advance.

If I freshly install avahi-daemon, it works but as soon as I restart the server it fails. Is there a log I can check to see if it is HA that is failing or avahi-daemon?

Update: If I restart Avahi (sudo service avahi-daemon restart) it works but if I restart the server it does not again.