mDNS reflector not working only for esp32 devices

I have my ESP devices segmented in a different network. I have a mix of esp8266 and esp32. I also have a bonjour reflector enabled on my firewall between the network that HA is on and the network that the ESP devices are on.

For some reason, mDNS just doesn’t seem to work for the esp32 devices outside of their immediate network. For the esp8266 devices, along with Google Homes, Ecobee, Windows, and other devices all function properly. The only thing that doesn’t work through the reflector is the esp32s.

The esp32 devices are still able to reach HA, send sensor data, etc. It is just the name resolution that doesn’t work.

This issue has persisted for quite a while (months and months) but I am just now getting around to posting about it. The issue has been present through many releases of both esphome and HA, but I’m currently running the following versions:

  • Home Assistant 2022.12.1
  • Supervisor 2022.11.2
  • Operating System 9.4
  • Frontend 20221208.0 - latest
  • ESPHome 2022.11.5

I have the same issue. It seems after a restart they are shown Online but after some time, they are shown as offline. But the connection with ha is normal.

Same issue with ESP32s here. Connected to HA OK but can’t reprogram or view logs. Reset the ESP32 and it comes back but soon will show offline again. I can still reprogram or view logs at this point but some time later ESPhome fails to resolve the IP address.