Measure a satellite using HA

I work for a company which builds and tests satellites and my role is to characterise the optics (telescopes) before the satellite is released to the customer. We have a rig for measuring the optical properties of the telescope and I have been asked to automate the rig which currently is controlled via tcl.
Most of our translation stages can be controlled over ethernet using TCP so I plan to use the TCP sensor. Would this be compatible with an ethernet hub such as this one?
The camera we have can be controlled via openCV so I hope I can use the openCV component?
If anyone has experience undertaking this kind of task (lab environment) would be great to hear from you :slight_smile:

This shouldn’t belong to this category.

Moved to “Configuration”, but to be fair to the OP it is a rather hard to categorize question as it does have a hardware component to it.