Measure energy consumption from switch board

I want to measure the consumption of my Air Conditioning Units (including compressors) which are directly wired in and there is no plug I can put a wall plug to. They are connected into my Switchboard and I was wondering if someone can help me with what device I need to to measure from the Switchboard. I am going to get an electrician to do the installation, but like to know what device it is I need

The easiest way would probably be to replace the module with a smart switch with power metering included.
The module is probably installed on a DIN rail, so make a search for “smart switch power metering din rail” followed by your choice of communication protocol.
You have several options for communication, like wireless ones: Wifi, Zigbee, Z-wave or wired ones: RS485, KNX, and probably more.

Thanks, appreciate the response. I have looked at the Shelly Pro 4PM as the Shelly devices seem to get good reviews, do you see any reason why this one wouldn’t work ?

  • 4 outputs, 16A each. Total device maximum of 40A

Your fuses are rated 20A each :fire:

As you only want to measure consumption and not switch it you can make use of some cheap non-contact energy meter :zap:

For example two of these pzem004t modules paired with a esp and esphome should enable your power measuring on two circuits up to 100A for less than $30 :money_with_wings:

That would be illegal in my country. You have to put the power metering device behind the module.