Measure Rainfall per week

I have a Netatmo rain gauage which provides me rain/h and rain/d in mm.
However, what I actually want to know Is the rain per week.

Therefore, I would like to make a automation which at the end of the day 23:59 takes the figure from rain/d sensor and sums it to variable which shall be visible as sensor.
This shall happen from Saturday to Saturday.

I read several guids how to set scripts and automations. However, as I am doing my Houseautomation with Homekit I Am lost here.

Can anyone give me a tip or starting point.


You could use a utility meter

You might also be lucky using History Stats—I use that to show daily/weekly TV time and time spent outside :slight_smile:

EDIT: No, not a good idea—History Stats can only track time, ratio and count. Utility Meter is the way to go.

The is sounds promising. I will give it a try after I fixed my Homekit configuration…due to the HA update all sensors mapped from HA to Homekit became new IDs and hence I lost my automations which contains such sensors…