Measuring Energy Use in a Multi-Site Trust


I have some ideas of my own how I would do this. However, I hope it’s ok to ask here. I want to get the best expertise from the absolute HA pros!

I look after sustainability for a Multi Academy Trust which has 8 separate sites (and gas/electric meters). I use HA at home to measure solar/battery using a MyEnergi setup, a Octopus HomeMini for grid input and my supplier’s APIs for gas.

I would love this data for my Trust. I’ve looked at CT Clamps, Using MyEnergi Hub and Harvii. My supplier is Shell for Electricity and British Gas for Gas - and I can’t see any obvious APIs to get the data into HA.

I’ve considered some bodged implementation models. However, if this project was yours - what would you consider best practice (considering this is a bit of new field)?

I’m just wondering what options are out there and how the pros out there would approach this project!

Thanks and any replies are greatly appreciated.