Measuring hot water tank temperature with Zigbee

Afternoon all.

I have a hot water cylinder with a thermostat that keeps it at no more than 60 degrees.

I really want to find a way of adding the temperature of the cylinder to HA but cannot find away (with Zigbee).

The thermostat is literally stuck on to the side of the cylinder, via a cutout in the insulation.

Is there any way I could somehow attach a probe to a Zigbee temperature sensor and push that alongside the thermostat?

I just have dallas sensors tywrapped to the outflow pipes and insulated over.
BTW top, bottom, middle will all have VERY different temps.

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Thanks for this - may I ask what sensors you are using, please?

My initial thought was to buy a cheap Zigbee temperature sensor and solder a Dallas probe to it. I have no idea whether that would work in practice.

Look at espHome sensors. A cheap esp chip, a resistor,and a Dallas sensor.