Meater thermometer

I would really love if we could integrate the meater+ and/or the meater block

I AGREE. It would be awesome.

Same here! :slight_smile:

its bluetooth

we could use esphome …

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It’s Cloud too

just got one of these, also would be keen

I’m reverse engineering the BLE protocol of the Meater. I can already read the internal (meat) temperature using an esp32. The meater app does no longer work when connected to the Esp however. I will try if I can upload the temperatue data to the Meater website so the app can still be used.


I got one for Christmas, and I agree that would be awesome to integrate it with HA.

I really love the idea to reverse engineer the BLE, so I would be able to sync it with an ESP and keep my phone in my pocket.

However, my preference to integrate it with HA would be using Meater link as we would still have the nice features of the application (temp setup for the right meat, alarms etc.) … which I agree is the opposite of what I would say for any other kind of devices :smiley: And as meater link seems to be a LAN only solution, we are able to keep it really private!

I’ve reach the support to ask them for a documentation, hopefully I will get a positive answer!

Another vote for the Meater cloud/HA interface.

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Can you provide your results?

I asked MEATER support about the existence of an API for their cloud. I got an email back from MEATER support saying they don’t have one, but they’ll put it on the feature request list.

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FYI: They told me that they have forwarded my message to their engineers team … but nothing yet :confused:

I would assume that we will have to reverse engineer it. Actually I would already have done that, but as I’m moving in less than 2 weeks, I’m pretty busy recently.

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I’ve started reverse engineering the BLE if anyone wants to pitch in: Meater BLE


I myself have a Meater Block, this makes my interesting the bluetooth communication quite low.

If I could choose, I would like to have MQTT support in the Block itself, but that would be up to the maker of the product to implement.

As a secondary solution I would like a local API to the Block device. An officially documented version would be best of course, but a reverse engineered one would work as well, as long as they don’t change their protocol. I should look into it myself, to see how it works.

As a last alternative I could imagine a Cloud-API. But I have read that their service isn’t to reliable, so I bet an API won’t make it better. Also, I don’t even have their Cloud-service enabled myself. I see no use for it.

Edited the original post, I must have had a mental breakdown replying in Swedish…

Translated my former post into English. I have no idea why my brain wrote it in Swedish.

Anyway. I have looked into the protocol a bit. The block sends regular updates on udp/7878 to the networks broadcast address. I have dumped the packages using tcpdump, but I don’t understand it yet. There are definitely similar parts which makes it possible to divide the package and see that the different sensors are there. But I can’t figure out the temperatures.

The Android app works in a similar manner. If I start the app I can see that it’s sending packages on udp/7878 as well. What the purpose of those are I am not sure about. It could be the whole device-to-device thing they have, though I don’t have it enabled. Multiple devices can be used to forward the data to other devices, and in that way building a weird variant of mesh network.

Back to the protocol. 0x08 is used as some sort of seperator. Increments of 0x08 is used as some form of sub-seperator (0x10, 0x18, 0x20, 0x28 …).

I have been trying to analyze the data and find values equal to my 24C or hand-heated values of ~34C. I have also tried to look for their equivalent values in Fahrenheit without luck.

The app itself can generate an internet-accessible link to monitor the cook. Could scraping this be a good solution? Here’s an example:

The app sends the same data as the Block, with a similar format. UDP packages are regularly sent on port 7878, with raw data temperature data for example.


Would you like to share you endeavours with the Meater cooking probe?
I’m investigatig in using an ESP32 as BT to WIFI bridge for the Meater in order to extend the range using the Meater Link protocol.
Could you please share how you are configuring reading the internal temperature in ESPHome?
It would be a great help.

Thank you so much.


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Web API access and an Mqtt bridge like this would be awesome.

Let’s hope they publish an API.

Hey Magma1447,
did you get any further decoding the UDP packets ?

Ive started hacking on the UDP packets, and a little on the BTLE packets also, with the goal of building a BTLE > UDP relay so I can keep my phone on me while cooking :slight_smile:

Anyways, if you have any progress please share it !
my code is currently at but its purely just me hacking right now, nothing thats real useful.